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Beginner’s Guide to Mixing the Perfect Drink

Everyone appreciates a perfect drink now and every once in a while, but they are not overlooking how difficult coming up with such a drink can be. The craft of mixing a perfect drink is not one you can master by just looking but rather one to be learned on this website. Proper training is essential for anyone hoping to deliver professionals results when it comes to the mixing of a perfect drink as shown on this page. You should view here for the useful tips for mixing the perfect drink.

The first step to mixing the perfect drink is starting with the basics; a jigger, a bar spoon, a cocktail shaker, and a strainer are all the basic tools you need to mix the perfect drink at home. You have to remember to stick to the basics if you want a great drink, and this does not only apply to the tools like a strainer but also the ingredients you are buying for the mix.

Every bartender or mixologist understands the importance of keeping everything simple to the success of the whole process; you should not only go into it to mix drinks but also have fun in the process. To come up with a perfect drink, forget about the high-end ingredients and focus on the mixing technique; go through the recipe carefully, assemble the ingredients and equipment so you are ready to start mixing.

How you stir or shake the drink you are mixing is just as important as all the ingredients you are putting into it; failure here means poor quality results. Over mixing is the most common mistake among bartenders and mixologists, most of the time resulting in a drink with a diluted flavor; remember less ice is always more and keep the mixing to a minimal. Even if you have mixed up something super basic, don’t forget to top it with garnish to boost your professional presentation.

You can get creative with your mixing by using fresh herbs as the source of flavor your drinks need and you don’t have to limit your creativity since there is a myriad of options to choose from, plus you will be doing away with the added sugars and calories in your drink. A simple tip to mixing a perfect drink is remembering the importance of using the drinking ratio to keep the quantity of each ingredient in check. You should use the comprehensive guide highlighted above to mix the perfect drink.

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